Dog Scratches. Just one of many ways leather can be damaged.

Look below —- leather after repair. You will learn how and much more.


How? With “The Comprehensive Guide to Leather Repair and Restoration” —- An E-Book training guide that teaches you step-by-step and shows you how with video links.

Leather repair and restoration is a trade craft that is in demand.

It’s a unique business opportunity as a side hustle that can grow into a full time business. Consider this: 

·      In the last 10 years, (2009 to 2018) 150 million cars were sold in the US.  According to industry statistics just under 50% have leather seating.   That’s somewhere around 70,000,000 cars are on the road with leather interiors in the US alone.

·      In 2018, 35% of all upholstered furniture sold in the United States was leather.   

·      There are 140 million households in the US.  Over 75% have leather good, either furniture, automotive, jackets, etc.  That’s over 100,000,000 households with leather products of one kind or another.

And, this fact: Very little competition.

There is a persistent lack of leather repair technicians, especially in small markets, throughout the United States.  Think of how many carpet cleaners there are in your community. Now ask yourself how many leather repair specialists are there?

The key ingredient is know-how. The Guide supplies that.

Immerse yourself a bit at a time or take the deep dive. If you like a challenge, and have a desire to be your own boss, then with a tiny investment (less that the cost of two new tires or one for fancy car) you can get started.

Four different packages provide options to fit your budget. Pick the package suited for you. For a limited time, it includes FREE SHIPPING of all materials!!!

One of many testimonals:

"I have found such a great wealth of leather related knowledge and quality service at ADV Leather Inc. Kevin has demonstrated EXCELLENCE in many areas. Truly a resource gem, with care, respect, professional service and thorough insight into the art and science of leather!" R Atkinson, VA.

E-Book on IPad

E-Book on IPad

What is it?

The Comprehensive Guide to Leather Repair and Restoration is a deep-dive into the specifics of leather repair and restoration.  Here is the knowledge you need to take advantage of this business opportunity. 

It is an easy-to-read E-Book that has links to task specific “how-to” videos.  Knowledge is the core of a niche business like leather repair and restoration.

Your smart phone or tablet is the best method for reading and learning. 

What’s in it?

It is a comprehensive manual that covers all aspects of care, maintenance, repair and restoration of leather furniture, automotive, jackets, etc.  It’s not just a “how-to” document.   It teaches the science behind repair and restoration methodologies. The reader learns the underlying fundamentals as to why and how a particular task solves a problem, as well as the properties of the chemistry behind the best repair and restoration products.  It takes the mystery out of how and why these repair techniques work.

This is a sample snap-shot section shown on an IPad that discusses the importance of pH with leather

This is a sample snap-shot section shown on an IPad that discusses the importance of pH with leather

How does it work?

The Guide is structured into chapters, each with a specific focus.  A topic is developed in easy-to-understand language, with specific step-by-step instructions about a particular task (like repairing a tear).  Often these instructions are augmented with a link to a “How-To” video on this same subject.

The Guide is a self-paced, “distance-learning” system.  The reader learns at their own comfortable pace. The Guide was written on a building block approach with each chapter providing a knowledge-base that is used to better understand subsequent chapters.

Why invest in it?

Think of the Guide as pre-packaged 30 years of experience in the high-demand trade.  It’s not complicated.  This knowledge will either save you money, or it will make you money.  Whether you are a skilled leather tech or a total novice; a furniture store owner or an auto detailer; a carpet cleaner or an interior designer, you will gain invaluable insights. 

You’ll see the wisdom of leather repair as a side hustle that can grow into a full time career for you.

As an architect, a corporate facility manager or any one else invloved with leather, it provides the knowledge to evaluate what restoration products are best suited for a project.

Best of all, there is no risk. We offer a money back guarantee. Why wait another second? Go to PACKAGES in the navigation bar and order now!



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