The objective is to expand the knowledge of the reader with as deep understanding of leather repair and restoration as the reader desires.   At over 350 pages, the Guide is chocked full of pearls of wisdom that will deepen the reader’s understanding of how and why a particular repair or restoration process works.  This teaches the reader how to think, not just do.  Beyond teaching the reader how to perform a particular task, it also reveals the pitfalls and traps to avoid.

Our belief and Guarantee---

 The Guide goes deeper than any other book about leather repair and restoration.  The reader, no matter how experienced, will find some nugget of knowledge that will improve his/her leather problem solving skill set, providing a return on investment many times over.  We back this up with a money back guarantee.  

It is as direct and simple as this: 

If there isn’t one idea in this book that is new and of value to you, then we will give you your money back for the book and if you purchased products as well, as long as the products have NOT been opened, send them back for a full refund.

We’re taking all the risk. Talk about a no brainer… This is a can’t-lose deal.