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Kevin Gillan

Kevin Gillan


Who is Kevin…

Kevin is a leather furniture repair and restoration expert. He is actively involved in managing Advanced Leather Solutions, a company with more than 30 years experience in leather furniture repair, restoration and maintenance as well as automotive leather. He has written extensively on this subject and has co-authored the Comprehensive Guide to Leather Repair and Restoration. Kevin has been invited to speak often about leather care and maintenance at both the professional and consumer level. His firm developed a full range of professional grade products used my leather technicians around the world. Kevin and his team also developed a set of DIY systems for consumers to maintain (clean and condition), repair and restore their own leather.  Kevin developed and produced over 80 YouTube videos on the subject of leather repair. His videos have been viewed millions of times. Kevin lives and works along side his wife Yvonne and their and golden retriever, Marigold, in Centralia, WA.


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