Four Affordable Packages. Your path to a highly specalized tradecraft. Become your own Boss!

Take the first step to an exciting new business opportunity. packages open the door to a new income source for you.

  1. Package A:   The Comprehensive Guide to Leather Repair and Restoration e-Book. - $195.  You’re in total control of your own learning process.  It is the most economical way forward.  By reading the book, you’ll learn how the leather repair and restoration trade craft can be a profit producer for you.

  2. Package B: The e-Book and our professional grade Core Chemistry Starter Kit. - $475.  You’ll have the knowledge of repair and restoration techniques and the essential repair products for you to be effective.  The starter kit contains all the water based products (fillers, primers, colors, top-coats, etc.) necessary to make leather or vinyl repairs and small restoration projects.  These are the finest products available in the industry.  You’ll have the “know-how” and repair products so you can learn by doing actual leather repair.

  3. Package C: The e-Book and our Mobile Leather Repair Work Station.  - $2,495.  This the ultimate Business-in-a-Box concept.  Now you are ready to do on-site repairs as a legitimate leather repair technician. You will have the knowledge and a fully outfitted mobile repair system that includes all the essentials like an air-compressor, air-brushes, heat gun, fully prepared electrical so all you need to do is plug it into an outlet in a client’s home or office and you’re in business. All supported through our on-line support technical forum.

  4. Package D:  The e-Book, the Work Station with unlimited telephone and on-line consulting services for the first year: - $4,995.   Now you have the best of it all.  You’ll learn from the book and by doing.  However, you’ll have the peace of mind that there is a deeply experienced technical team standing behind you to offer guidance, if you need it.  Your ability to ask questions and get the benefit of 30-years of experience can be an invaluable safety net.  If more consulting time is needed?  No problem.  Like all highly qualified professionals, we offer a bill by the hour system.