Core Chemistry Starter Kit Contents


The Starter Kit gives you one each of every product that is used in leather repair, along with its associated technical documentation.  As you read through the “tech sheets”, use these products, and study the Guide, you will come to understand each product’s place in the leather repair world.  All the colors are compatible so they can be blended together to attain any color you desire.  In the Guide there are color matching guidelines for creating a desired color. 

14 Colors: (8 oz bottles)

·      Black

·      White

·      Blue

·      Green

·      Organic Yellow

·      Yellow oxide

·      Orange

·      Red Oxide

·      Primary Red

·      Violet

·      Organic Brown

·      HC Brown

·      Purple

·      Lemon Yellow

 Top Coats serve a dual function: 1. Protection, and 2. Sheen (reflective value). They are also compatible so you can recreate a match for a sheen by mixing any together. You’ll be able to match any but the most extreme sheen you’ll find on leather for furniture or an automobile.

4 Top Coats: (8 oz bottles)

·      Gloss

·      Matte (dull)

·      Satin

·      Desk Top

Rub Coat Additive (RCA) (8 oz bottle)

RCA is mixed with any color to allow the user to rub or spray on and when dry, does NOT need the protection of a Top Coat.

Fillers: (2 oz containers) 

Fillers are used to “heal” cuts, scrapes, abrasions, and other wounds to the leather or vinyl.

·      Soft Fill

·      Thick Fill

·      Hide Healer

·      Vinyl Repair Compound 

Primers: (8 oz bottles) 

Primers are used to promote quality adhesion of a color coat.

·      PR – 1 Primer (best for unfinished leather)

·      SG – 4 General Purpose Primer

Spray Grain (8 oz bottle)

Spray Grain is used to re-create a pebble-like grain pattern to help disguise repair.

Oil Extractor (8 oz bottle)

Resolves body oil accumulation in leather.

Moisturizing Gel (8 oz bottle)

Brings moisture (suppleness) back to dried out leather.

Leather Cleaner (16 oz bottle)

Leather Conditioner (8 oz bottle)

Leather Protector (8 oz bottle)

If all items were purchased from Advanced Leather Solutions separately, the cost would be $566.35 plus shipping and this does NOT include the Guide. So Package B: Guide plus starter kit saves you money at a $761.35 value.